What Happened to Customer Service?


Whatever happened to customer service? It seems like it’s not important these days. Go to your nearest fast food joint and chances are you will be met with eye rolling, attitude and rushed service. To the customer, you feel as if the employees of that business are doing you a favor just by serving you. (Umm no doesn’t work like that.If I’m not getting the proper service I deserve, I will walk out with my hard earned money)

So what is customer service? Customer service is creating a great experience for the customer so that you can have repeat business with them. Customer service is about knowing the details of your customers. Customer service is about going above and beyond for them. Without your customers you have NO business.

With the rise of social media and cell phones , you cannot hide BAD customer service.. Your company is just one tweet, picture or video away on being on social media. It’s so important that entrepreneurs and businesses OVERSTANDS this!  Remember “The customer is always right!”


Picture Source : Jacodisplays.com