What is Branding?


Branding this, Branding that? You hear the word branding thrown everywhere but do you really know what it mean. How does branding helps your business?

Branding tells a story. Branding lets your customer know what does your company or business offers and why they \should pay attention. Good branding tells your customer why you they should buy your products or services. Good branding matches a joyful experiences and emotions that customers gets when buying from your business. Good branding cuts out your competition because no one does it like your business.

Here are some good branding tips :

1. Create a Logo / Business Card

Having a good logo lets your audience know who you are. You want your logo to be simple and easy to recognize. Business cards are great to have because your logo and contact information are all there. Business cards are great at networking events and also for passing out to friends, family and strangers.

2. Have a website

The internet is the new way to do business. Having a website makes you look credible and also helps your audience find out more about your business and services.

3. Blog

Blogs are great to offer tips and tell a story about your business. A blog is like a journal entry on what’s happening about your business. You can talk about anything. You can also post behind the scenes pictures of events and post videos.

4. Youtube Channel

Your audience and customers use it so why not have a YouTube channel. You can vlog (video blog) about anything. Vlogging is more personable and offers a intimate connection to your brand.

5. Be Consistent

Make sure you stay consistent to your business brand. If your brand is all about luxury, make sure everything about your business is Luxury. Your voice and vision for your business should always remain the same.


Picture Source: designworship.wordpress.com